My name is Viktorija Putneva, and I am a native Russian speaker born in Latvia. I have lived in Italy since 2009, in the sun-soaked paradise that is the island of Sardinia.

I graduated from the Latvian Academy of Culture in 2009 with a degree in Art and Humanities, specializing in Intercultural Relations between Latvia and Italy. During my four years of study, I learned the Italian language (certified C2 level), translation techniques, and the many aspects of Italian culture (literature, music, history, geography, art and much more). In 2007, I participated in the Erasmus program at the University for Foreigners in Siena, where I honed my language skills and furthered my knowledge of Italian culture.

In 2009, I moved to Sardinia for a Leonardo da Vinci project, and my love for the island has kept me here ever since.

The years following my graduation were dedicated to my passion for translation and tourism, working as a booking assistant and organizing events for Russian clients in Italy. The role involved preparing and translating tours, as well as providing support services for Russian customers. It was during this time that I realized there was only one path I wished to follow – to become a translator and interpreter. The rewarding feeling I gain from passing on my own knowledge and others’ experiences to people who do not speak Italian is unforgettable. The same can be said for Russian: during several trips to my country of origin, opportunities to translate and transmit information in the Italian language to people who don’t speak Russian or Latvian are priceless. Let’s call it my vocation!

I currently work as a full-time freelance translator. In 2016, I obtained a degree in Translation and Interpretation from the School for Translators and Interpreters in Pescara, specializing in technical and legal translation and interpreting.

Outside of translation, my second passion is language teaching. Demand for the Russian and Italian languages has increased significantly in recent years, and is continuing to grow. More and more people wish to learn these wonderful languages and I am more than willing to pass on my knowledge.

I am also excited to share the knowledge I acquired during years of work in tourism, providing language assistance during leisure or business trips to Sardinia.