LexiKosmos: the Universe to Discover

My website’s name comes naturally; its key words both reveal and hide its meaning. It is a play on words, ancient words, Greek words that hold within themselves a secular wisdom. Everything begins with the word, lexis, and is transformed into a universe, kosmos. The meaning may change but the concept remains the same. This notion perfectly captures the work of translators, who open up the whole world through words: they make it easier to understand; they bring people closer together; they break down linguistic and cultural barriers. We begin with just one small word and discover an entire universe that lies ahead.

Why Choose LexiKosmos?

The profession of translator requires a high level of focus and considerable cultural background knowledge. It is vital to understand a culture in order to transmit it, live it, love it and wish to share it. It is not enough to own books or teaching materials; culture must be lived every day. This is the key point of my work. I am a native Russian speaker and I live in Italy. For me, Italian is not just a language I have learned: it has become a language in which I think, a language that competes with my mother tongue on equal terms.