Russian Language Courses

Basic Russian language courses for adults and children.

During the course, learners will learn to read and write in Russian, using the Cyrillic alphabet. They will learn the basic rules of Russian grammar and cover essential topics to explore Russian language and culture. The course will provide students with the basic vocabulary necessary to conduct a conversation in Russian.

Courses are designed for individual learners and may be held in Cagliari and surrounding areas, or online via Skype.

The topics and course program are created ad‑hoc according to individual’s needs (tourist visit to Russia, business trip, academic studies etc.)

Basic English Courses for Adults and Children

Basic English grammar in an adaptable program, based on each customer’s needs. Individual courses are also available.

Specialized Russian and English Language Courses for Companies Operating in the Tourism Industry

Courses for touristic operators who wish to increase their business by attracting more overseas customers. The course will concentrate on essential grammar and vocabulary required for day‑to‑day activities. Examples may include: courses for waiters, bartenders, receptionists, staff members in tourist information points.

Proposal for Complex Collaboration with Tourism Operators

Do you have a touristic activity, restaurant, hotel or cultural activity? Do you want to go one step further by raising your visibility in the Russian market, or by increasing the number of customers? I propose the possibility of creating an internationalization program, unique to your business and tailored to meet your every need. One such example for a B&B could include: translating the B&B’s website into Russian, creating pages in Russian for any social networks used, keeping the website and social networks up‑to‑date in Russian, providing a basic Russian language course for hotel employees, translating any correspondence with clients.