Fields of Expertise:

Technical Translation

Translation of user manuals, installation instructions, data sheets, specific documentation.

Technical translation requires a careful study of terminology as well as a clear understanding of the topic at hand. I have considerable experience of working with such texts and I guarantee maximum accuracy, in-depth study of the topic and a thorough search for exact terms.

Legal Translation

Translation of contracts of sale and purchase, transport documents, financing, licensing, founding documents, judicial and legal documents, certificates.

I guarantee a faithful translation of the original, maximum precision and attention to every detail.

Touristic Translation

Translation of informative material, brochures, tours, websites, mobile applications. Particular expertise in translations for the hotel and restaurant sector (menus, guest information, spa treatments and much more). Cultural relations between Italy and Russian-speaking countries boast centuries of importance and stability. The number of Russian tourists increases every year and I believe that it is crucial to be ready to welcome Russian customers with the right preparation, starting with the website and information online in Russian. On arrival, guests will be pleased to find all the information in their own language, from proposed tours to a translated menu, with all of the explanations in Russian.

This regards all touristic and hospitality industry operators. I also offer translation of correspondence with, and feedback from clients, with the advantageous possibility of long-term collaboration. The same services are also available for Russian companies wishing to obtain Italian customers.

Literary Translation

Translation of creative literature for children and adults.

My purely humanistic education allows me to add the necessary touch of creativity in the translation of even the most challenging texts, full of hidden meanings. I have held a passion for literature in all its forms since my childhood, and I often read and write poems and essays.

Advertising Translation

Translation of product reviews, advertising texts, texts for social networks, brochures, advertisements, websites.

I have significant experience in the translation of reviews concerning various types of products (cars, jewelry, real estate, luxury goods, gift items) and their localization in the Russian market. I have also translated campaigns created for social networks such as Facebook, VKontakte and Twitter.

Revision of Russian Texts

Complete revision of texts (spelling, grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure and adequacy of the text for its target audience).